The Secret of the Sea

Search for hidden treasure from the sunken ship. A colouring book for discovery and relaxation.

Paperback - 5,99

An enchanting colouring book that helps you forget everyday life and restores inner peace and balance. A book for discovery, for unwinding, and for dreaming.
With 45 richly detailed hand-drawn illustrations waiting for bright and beautiful colours. Recommended for children and adults.
We recommend crayons or coloured pencils.
As the backs of the full-page drawings have been kept free, each motif can be cut out, framed and displayed.
Have fun!

As a little extra, you’ll get a bonus colouring sheet.

The Secret of the Sea

The sea has kept its secret hidden for many years: a sunken ship, loaded with the precious riches of a royal treasure chamber.
But storms and raging waves wrecked the ship and sent it plunging to the seabed.
Dive down into the depths of this enchanting water world, past exotic marine dwellers and rare water plants.
Look for the treasures concealed in some of the pictures. And bring the underwater world to life with vibrant colour.